Glo extracts martian muffins indica.

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The martian muffins by glo extracts is one of  best carts with good flavor, this carts is just so awesome with strong thc inside  was impressed with the packaging and how nice and secure it was


Glo  extracts is one of the most reputed companies in the cannabis industries due to it transparency on it products and its commitment to the  customers . Glo extracts is leading the cannabis industry in giving transparency to its customer with the glo carts tract QR code on the  THC carts packaging .


The new packaging for the glo extracts cartridges is just fantastic. There’s  now a premium gold sticker on it and the packaging is all new with black and gold accent with  the verification QR of the products . Unboxing this carts makes you  know you are  getting a safe products because of the quality packaging of the products .

Effects of Glo extracts martian muffins

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Experience of smoking glo carts

After smoking the cartridges you ease Into your high and can feel it start to change slowly. It feels as if you are feeling everything around you as well as feeling the change in yir high . I recommend this cartridges for anyone looking for a relaxing high  that changes over times with a subtle crisp taste that makes you want to take want to take another hit

4 reviews for Glo extracts martian muffins indica.

  1. larry

    martian muffins one of my favorite indica dominant
    great flavor , super perfect to get stuff done and smile. has my head lifted and I feel great from the mind to the whole body gonna stay getting the syringes and refilling!!

  2. Aston

    Great taste great high
    Taste just as good as the nice chill high

  3. Mila

    Helps a lot
    With this strain if you feeling tense take a few hits and you’ll feel amazing

  4. Johnny

    Oh My GOD
    This strain taste so good, hit so smoooth and it gave me a super nice high totally recommend if you like blueberry flavor (btw just started smoking and have had like 4 same lmao

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