Green Crack Glo Cart.

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Green Crack Glo Cart.

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The great thing about this cartridges is that it does not make you pass out immediately after smoking  , you can use it just to relax without feeling like you need to sleep


The new packaging for the glo extracts cartridges is just fantastic. There’s  now a premium gold sticker on it and the packaging is all new with black and gold accent with  the verification QR of the products . Unboxing this carts makes you  know you are  getting a safe products because of the quality packaging of the products .


Glo  extracts is one of the most reputed companies in the cannabis industries due to it transparency on it products and its commitment to the  customers . Glo extracts is leading the cannabis industry in giving transparency to its customer with the glo carts tract QR code on the  THC carts packaging .

green crack Glo cart flavor 

How this cart taste  it is  super citrusy and taste like you are   having a citrus smoothie . The flavor is sweet and fruity which makes for a nice taste in your mouth as you are inhaling . It is enjoyable to smoke and the high that you get from it is even better

medical benefit of Green crack glo cart 

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4 reviews for Green Crack Glo Cart.

  1. Hanks

    Best delivery service ever!!

  2. Peruzi

    I love it – kanyes voice
    Amazing gave me a head change but super good for low tolerance like me lolz

  3. Villain

    the flavor and effects are 🔥
    highly recommend to those looking for a true sativa strain + a super fruity flavor

  4. Robert

    Welcome to Euphoria town!
    Great Green Crack strain here, especially if your only goal is getting to 👽 Euphoria town! Thank you . Definitely returning for a full gram of this. First hit I took, my initial thought was “damn, let me take a couple more hits of this”, about 5 mins later I remembered I had wanted to get more high earlier. Great all day strain here just test drive it on a day you have nothing to do just in case. Before work I usually take 1 puff of this and 1 or 2 puffs of Strawnanna, great combination.

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