gelonade Glo Cart hybrid.



5 reviews for gelonade Glo Cart hybrid.

  1. Wanderss

    flavor and high on point 🚀
    slight, sweet mango taste that isn’t too sweet or overpowering. the high is amazing, it will take over your whole body in two hits!

  2. NHB

    Tastes like nectarines!! Relieved my headache in the first minute

  3. PHIL

    Really love the flavor. Definitely is fruity and not harsh. Even better because it hiiitsssss

  4. Eddy

    Good cart so far Taste like the the CBD version but better and HITS

  5. Kid

    Tastes bombbbb
    I wasn’t a big fan. But this gelonde hiiiits hella nice and taste bomb af! Definitely worth buying.

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