Blue wonder Glo Cart hybrid

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Blue wonder Glo Cart

Blue wonder Glo Cart


You’ll be impressed how  this carts tastes right off the bat its  super citrusy and almost taste like youre  having a citrus smoothie of some sort. The great thing about this cartridges is that it does not make you pass out immediately after smoking


Glo  extracts is one of the most reputed companies in the cannabis industries due to it transparency on it products and its commitment to the  customers . Glo extracts is leading the cannabis industry in giving transparency to its customer with the glo carts tract QR code on the  thc carts packaging


The new packaging for the glo extracts cartridges is just fantastic. These is now a premium gold sticker on it and the packaging is all new with black and gold accents . the verification of the products . Unboxing this carts made me know I’m getting a safe products because of the quality packaging that it was in


Feelings… relax , sleepy , happy , hungry

helps with….. stress , pain , anxiety , appetize, depression,

Negative effects…. dye , eye , dizziness , dry mouth

Experience of smoking glo cart

After smoking the cartridges you ease Into your high and can feel it start to change slowly. It feels as if you are feeling everything around you as well as feeling the change in your high . I recommend this cartridges for anyone looking for a relaxing high  that changes over times.


2 reviews for Blue wonder Glo Cart hybrid

  1. Bess Twishes

    I’ve always been looking for discreet ways to get my deliver products and services discreet, and I haven’t found anything more discreet than glo extract. My customers are very happy with their dealings with me because it’s so unclear what I’m actually doing for them. It’s a great service to have if you want your business to stay under the radar!

  2. Audie Yose

    I’ve been using glo carts for a couple of years now. They are always punctual and I never have to worry about missing my flight because of them. It only took me one time to realize how lucky I am to have them as my car service!

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